Modify your everyday habits -Things that will make you happy

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Do you sometimes feel like you are not enjoying your home enough? Maybe you are stressed and you are not being productive.  The good news is that you can have control over this, you can modify your everyday habits to have a positive impact in your happiness. On my last post I talked about why being organized is so important, but today I will show you some simple tweaks to feel better about your day and the things that will make you happier at home.

1. Make your bed

Yes! Believe it or not, this makes a huge difference. If your bed is not done, your whole room looks messy. This is a less than a 3 minute task according to Gretchen Rubin in her book The Happiness project  that will make a big impact in your happiness.

2. Have a creativity journal/book

It doesn’t have to be a “what happened to me today” notebook. Write poems, random facts, draw, paint, create a scrapbook, let your creativity flow. Express how you feel and if you do want to share what you did that day, then go ahead. I have a journal and I write with different colors.

For example:

  • Red ink is for my relationship
  • Blue is for my thoughts
  • Black is what I did that day
  • Purple is for work
  • Pink is for emotions and therapy.

You pick your colors and give them a topic. This makes me realize how much I do and think, for good and bad, it helps to express and let go of things.

Here are a couple creativity books you can get:

-Dot bullet paper notebook

-Sketchbook for drawing

-Adventure scrapbook

-Leather journal

-Let that sh*t go journal

3. Call a friend or family member

We were so disconnected due to this pandemic that we forgot how many people we care about, so why don’t you give them a call, send them a text, say hello, to hear what they’ve been up to, maybe you want to share things too. Catch up! You can do this while you clean your house, time will fly and you won’t even feel it. Do this as often as you can.

4. Save money for experiences at home

It’s not the same thing to just sit down and wat

ch a movie than to get a simple Grill and have a BBQ outside wit

h some friends, right? Spend money on things that will give you a memorable experience 

more than once. 

5. Plan your week

Do you feel overwhelmed with the tons of things you have to do at home? Clean, cook, kids, work, sleep, fix this and that?! I feel you. 

You’ve probably heard this before but have you tried making a list at the beginning or end of the week of the things you have to do? Yes? Ok but did you prioritize them? Try it! You don’t have to stick to the plan or follow each single thing the way you wrote it, but you have a list of pending things and an idea of how much time you need.

Block time slots to go do certain things that take longer and give yourself a break to just rest. 

Buy a planner or just get sticky notes, whatever works best for you.

6. Display sentimental items around your home

We all like to feel good when we remember a good moment right? Then have those items that remind you of something that made you feel happy in the past. Maybe a gift from a friend? A picture of your family? A coin you found, or just a simple sticky note with a positive quote to read every day. Make your home a place of positive items.

7. Explore meditation

We talk about working out, doing yoga and doing other outdoor activities but have you tried to meditate? There are many methods and ways to explore meditation:

-Through apps

-Breathing videos



-Guided meditation

-Books about meditation

 It doesn’t have to be complicated. You can start with 5 minutes today, who knows maybe one day you’ll even be doing meditation retreats that last for days.

8. Ask for help

You don’t have to do everything on your own. I’m talking about therapy. If you don’t know how to talk to your family, you think you have tried many things and can’t find a solution to your problems or you still feel stressed at home, then try to find someone that can help you. Share your thoughts, I have a session every week and it has helped me understand so many things, now I’m conscious about the things I can do better to feel happier.

Remember you can modify your everyday habits to have a positive impact in your happiness.

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