Decorative wall hooks: my top 6 this month, you will love them!

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I have been trying to find the best wall hooks for my friends and it’s honestly exciting when they ask me for help, so I feel important haha.

These hooks I’m about to show you are stylish, not just the simple hooks you see at the hardware store. Ohh and guess what? I ended up finding so many It was hard to pick just one, so I decided to share with you my top 10.

I’m sure you’ll want to go and shop them for your home right away (I almost did that and the only reason I didn’t was because I had just bought myself a couple for my room).

1.Rattan Wall Hooks Natural – Opalhouse

This is an Opalhouse rattan wall hook from Target, perfect for folding coats, hats, purses or even towels for your bathroom. I added a picture as an example so you can see how it would look in your home and get it for your space.

2.Gold Brass Decorative wall hook

I absolutely loved this pack of 4 gold hooks for anything you can think of, from purses to jewelry.  I’m honestly buying these for my mom, they match perfectly with the rustic furniture she just got for her room, even if they didn’t match I would get them because she has a unique style.

You can get them here.

3. Cactus decorative wall rack hooks

If you’re more of a plant person, I got you with these cute cactus hooks that fit perfect with your plant personality. Hang your scarves, cups or keys, everything will look cute hanging from there.

4. Grayson Lane Coastal Oar Wall hooks

If you’re looking for something more rustic for a beach house or your kid’s room, these metal wall hooks come in multi colors, perfect for you that can’t decide on just one. Metal hooks are glued to decorative oars glazed with distressed coating.

5. Gibbous Nimbus Moon Phase  decorative wall hook

These hooks were made for a boho nursey room, but you can use it for any space in your home. They are absolutely beautiful and it makes me feel in peace when I look at them. You can find them here.

6. Natural wood hooks

If you like wood, then you’ll love these handmade heavy duty wall hooks perfect for coats, towels or even umbrellas. You need to have this type of hooks at your house entrance. They are  beautiful,  elegant and they are finished with Natural Wood Oil, which make them eco-friendly.

I’ll be showing you more hooks, because 1 post is just not enough right? Remember I told you I have been trying to find the best wall hooks for my friends? well these are some I found for them.

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Enjoy the rest of your week!

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