Home staging

We are driven by a passion for creating positive change and are dedicated to helping families attain a greater sense of trust in the organizing process.

Our ultimate goal is to create welcoming and inviting spaces that give a sense of comfort and belonging for our clients’ home as well as future homeowners. Our aim is to transform every space into a warm home environment.

Meet Danni, founder of The Practical Edit

Professional organizer

As a professional with experience in Event coordination, Communications and personnel management, I prioritize tasks and allocate time for maximum productivity. Through my interactions with individuals from diverse backgrounds, I have developed a deep understanding of their needs and the importance of clear communication to understand my clients’ needs. I practice my love of organizing and see the return on the investment in my daily life.

As a passionate advocate of change and growth, I am driven to help others embrace the benefits of a more organized lifestyle. This motivation led to the creation of The Practical Edit.

My role as a Professional Organizer is not only about creating physical and mindful order, but also creating meaningful connections with clients. I enjoy the opportunity to learn about their personal stories through their possessions, and it is a true joy to be a part of their journey towards a more fulfilling life. Connection and communication is truly important for me, stories create that.

Whether you are seeking to streamline your living space, guidance when preparing your home to sell or moving to a new house, I am confident that I can provide the guidance and support you need to achieve your goals. Let me show you the excitement and satisfaction that comes with an organized room, where everything has a designated place and fits perfectly within its space. I assure you that you will be in excellent hands.

Professional organizer


Los Angeles stager

We take great satisfaction in witnessing individuals make positive changes in different parts of their life beyond physical organization, from getting more done, to enjoying better family relationships, adopting a positive mindset and feeling better overall. These kinds of transformations are what make life truly rewarding.



With Passion at heart we inspire and energize our clients to participate in a life changing journey. We find creative ways to eliminate obstacles and it generates excitement for what we do.


 We treat everyone exactly as we would be treated, as equals. We uphold integrity, honesty and ethics in everything we do.


We understand what others feel, we seek to sympathize and never judge, we see the situation from their perspective.

Do more with less

We utilize the resources that we already have and work to achieve positive results. By doing more with less reduces waste in terms of energy, time and even money.


We believe that a strong family foundation leads to a better environment. We help individuals understand how they can organize together as a family.