5 free printable wedding checklists

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I just got engaged and I’m absolutely excited about planning my wedding. A friend of mine will help me with everything, he’s a Professional wedding planner but I also want to do my part, that’s why I created 5 free printable wedding checklists that will help me organize the wedding. I want to share them with you as I create them because I know how difficult it is to plan on your own, or maybe because hiring a Professional planner is not within your budget. Trust me, I know it can get expensive, I’ve worked as an Event coordinator for years. 

Ok girl, we need to prepare you for your big day so let me give you some reasons why you need these printables for your wedding:

  1. You are a DIY bride
  2. You are planning the wedding on your own
  3. Hiring a wedding planner is not in your budget
  4. You have no experience in weddings
  5. They are free so why not?

The reality is that your event is around the corner (even if you don’t have a date) next thing you know, you’re walking down the aisle, yeah, I know you are visualizing it right now! How exciting!

1. List of venues

Alright, let’s start with the basics, you need a date right? Talk to some venues and churches if you’re catholic, check the weather during different months, can your favorite guests go on those dates? No rush but decide on that first. To help you with the venues, here’s the first printable:

2. Vendor Contacts

Once you have a venue and you start searching for your vendors, with this I mean photography, music, catering, cake, entertainment and all the things you want and need for your day to be amazing, you need to compare AGAIN, so this next template is for you to have your vendor contacts well organized, so when you want to reach out to them it’s easy to just open your document and find the right one.

3. Music

Music is such an important part of your event, you really need to have the right vibe for your guests to enjoy and have fun the whole night. This is why you have to make sure to show the DJ what music you want and what music you DON’T want. Remember you need songs for the Grand entrance, for the mother and son dance, father and daughter dance, grand exit, and all the dances you can think of, this is why I’m giving you this music template that will make your dancing so much easier.

4. Flowers checklist

If you think of decoration, you think of flowers right? That’s because you need them everywhere, but this doesn’t mean you have to buy flowers for every single area. Want to know a secret that I always tell my clients? You buy a piece of flower and you can use that same piece for 2 areas, reception and church for example. Same piece, we use it in different times of the day. This will save you so much money, your pocket will be thankful.  Here is a checklist for all the areas you might flowers.

5. Vows

And lastly, but no less important, actually this printable is quite important for me because it gives me so much emotion. I’m talking about the Vows. Just to think about writing them makes me want to cry already. It’s a moment of sharing your loved one how much love you have for him/her. This is why I made this specially for that moment. Think about everything you want to say to them and write it in this Vows printable. Your partner will love it!

Side note before you get to the printable: If you use any of these please let me know, email me  or send me a message on Instagram @thepracticaledit  I want to see your process and read your vows if you allow me.

Enjoy your 5 free printable wedding checklists

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